I’m very skeptical of doctors. Perhaps bad luck, perhaps I’m over critical. However, I generally don’t trust doctors. That being said, the fact that I’m taking time to write a positive review for Dr. Peace says a lot about my positive experience. I found Dr. Peace to be thoughtful, inquisitive about my issues. She had a very logical thought process that was authentic and didn’t come off as the know it all egomaniac type of doctor. She went the extra mile and asked questions and shared her potential solutions. She was also confident enough to express when she simply didn’t know the answer and further observation would be required. She is someone I feel I can trust and I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.

Dr Peace MD & her Staff are a breath of fresh Air! Professional, thorough & at the same time, always super positive. Doctor’s office can be daunting & stuffy but Dr Peace’s Manner & Attention are uplifting. A huge open lot with Free Parking with attentive security make for a safe, easy in, easy out experience.

Staff here attend you promptly and treat you well. The receptionists are very friendly. I would recommend to anyone.

This is a great clinic. Staff makes the best of a very busy office. They are very friendly and professional 

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