Rene Mitchell

Rene Mitchell is a Medical Skin Specialist with over 30 years of experience, specializing in Acne, Dark spots & anti-aging. Rene, having grade 4 acne herself with severe life altering cysts and scarring that lasted for years knows what it’s like to have major skin problems. Rene studied and researched this condition for years & years, studied with many doctors and clinical skincare therapist & became her own Guinea pig. She was convinced that the right skincare regimen consisted of the right professional treatments, healthy lifestyle & commitment could dramatically make a difference in the skin.

Rene is all about doing what is best for the practice and the patients. Her passion is to serve and service her patients to her best abilities. She also ran a skincare treatment clinic for years & was featured in numerous magazines such as Today’s Black Woman, Inglewood Today and multiple times in Essence to name a few! She has many certifications in Acne, Safe Chemical Peeling, Men’s Executive Skincare, Cosmetic Ingredients/Chemistry, Custom blending, Body Spa Modalities, Massage Therapy & many more.

Rene Mitchell

Rene spreads her message of hope, patience & help by utilizing a supportive teaching approach in her skin care treatments which helps meet the criteria for skincare success! She gives patients their own personal treatments for their specific needs that starts with an at-home regimen that results in a healthier lifestyle & glowing skin. Rene’s motto is “I’d rather make less money doing the right thing, than make more money doing the wrong thing!”

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