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How Does Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Work?

If you feel insecure and self-conscious due to sun spots, enlarged pores, facial flushing, rosacea, or other skin concerns, intense pulse light (IPL) can help. IPL treats these conditions as well as improving signs of aging, allowing you to feel confident in your skin. With the ability to treat such a vast array of skin conditions, IPL treatments in Los Angeles have become increasingly popular. But what is IPL, and how does it work?

What Is IPL?

IPL is a laser treatment used to treat skin conditions, such as uneven texture, spots, and fine lines, and remove signs of premature aging caused by excessive exposure to the sun.

The number of treatments a patient receives will be dependent on their skin type, but the average is approximately five treatments in four weeks. Multiple treatments are needed to reach the desired results.

How Does It Work?

When IPL is performed, multiple wavelengths of pulsating light energy–a form of electromagnetic radiation–target the pigmented skin. The target cells then absorb that light energy and transfer it into heat energy, which damages those cells. When cells are damaged, they break down, and the body produces new skin cells to repair and replace the damaged ones, which gives the appearance of healthier, new skin.

What to Expect During Recovery?

IPL treatment is non-invasive and doesn’t affect or cause pain to other layers of tissue, so recovery is quick and easy. The skin may be red and inflamed for a few hours after, but this should reside quickly. You can also return to normal activities right after, including wearing makeup or working out. However, you will want to avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen since the skin is new and susceptible to sun damage, which may cause sunspots and other unwanted pigmentation.

Try IPL Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Westchester Dermatology provides IPL treatment in Los Angeles, CA, to patients looking to improve the appearance of their skin. With IPL treatment, you can achieve healthier, more flawless-looking skin without having to partake in invasive procedures. Dr. Sherri Peace and her excellent team strive to provide you with simple and effective treatment options to help you feel more confident in your skin. Contact Westchester Dermatology today at (310) 645-6001 or visit to learn more.

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