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Does Dry Skin Make Acne Worse?

There are many reasons acne may flare up on your face. In general, however, acne is simply the buildup of excess oil on the skin that eventually can begin to clog pores on the skin’s surface. Although some may be genetically predisposed to acne the dryness of your skin may also play a role in the severity of acne.

However, it is not just the dry skin that can make acne worse, at least not directly. When your skin becomes dry, your body naturally produces more oil to help protect the outer layers of this skin from the sun and other environmental factors. If left alone, your skin will keep producing oil to cause pores to fill up and clog. Your skin may feel extra oily, causing you to believe a cleanser or astringent is the solution.

It’s important to keep your skin clean to help prevent acne. However a proper moisturizing lotion might have a bigger role in controlling the oil on your skin, than a cleanser. It will take time, but regular use of facial lotion with moisturizing properties will slowly nourish your skin. Your body will recognize this and begin to not produce as much oil, as the moisturizer keeps it healthy and protected.

Using moisturizers is especially important when using strong facial soaps, cleansers, or astringents. These work well at cleaning the skin and are essential for keeping acne at bay. However, the stronger these cleansers are, the dryer they tend to make your skin.

Without moisturizers applied liberally after, the cycle will continue with clogged pores. For this reason, many people who do not use a moisturizer will stop using acne treatments as they believe they are making their acne worse. A moisturizer labeled “non-comedogenic” nourish your skin without clogging your pores.

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