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5 Reasons Annual Skin Exams are Important

We understand that visiting a doctor for an annual exam can be time-consuming, but taking care of your health is essential. Just like other routine check-ups, skin exams play a critical role in preventive care, and they are equally important. That’s why Dr. Sherri Peace and the team at Westchester Dermatology encourage you to stay proactive in protecting your skin’s health by scheduling your annual skin exam.

Here are five compelling reasons why you shouldn’t skip your annual skin exam:

Early Detection Saves Lives

Skin cancer is a prevalent disease, with one in five Americans developing it in their lifetime. Regular skin cancer screenings can detect cancer early, leading to a 99.9% survival rate for the most common types of skin cancer, Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma. However, if cancer spreads to other parts of the body, the survival rates significantly decrease. Don’t take chances with your health; early detection is key to a better prognosis.

Your Skin Reflects Your Overall Health

Annual skin exams can help detect early signs of underlying health conditions. Skin is an essential indicator of your overall health, and a dermatology provider can identify subtle changes that may signal an underlying health problem. By catching these signs early, you can address them before they become significant issues.

Aging Skin is More Vulnerable

Aging skin is more susceptible to environmental damage, and as you grow older, you become more vulnerable to skin cancer. Research indicates that skin cancer incidents are increasing among older adults, particularly those over 80. If you have a history of skin cancer, you are more likely to develop it again later in life. Regular skin exams are essential to monitor for recurrence and ensure prompt and effective treatment.

Don’t Believe in Skin Health Myths

Skipping skin exams can have dangerous consequences, especially for younger people and those with deeper skin tones. The belief that melanin protects you from skin cancer or that skin cancer is an “old people problem” is a myth. Skin cancer can manifest differently in people with deeper skin tones, leading to late diagnosis and treatment challenges. 

In African American patients, 21% of melanoma cases are diagnosed when cancer has already spread to nearby lymph nodes, while 16% are diagnosed when the cancer has spread to distant lymph nodes and other organs. Similarly, younger patients may ignore early signs and symptoms, thinking they are not significant. However, certain habits like using indoor tanning beds or not using sunscreen can increase your risks.

Peace of Mind

Preventive care is critical for your health and well-being, and annual skin exams give you and your family peace of mind. An annual skin exam takes only a few minutes and can provide you with valuable information about your skin health status. This is especially important for families with a history of skin cancer or other skin conditions requiring specialty care.

At Westchester Dermatology, Dr. Sherri Peace and her team are committed to providing patient-focused care. They focus on your specific concerns and develop a personalized care regimen to give you relief, comfort, and peace of mind. Even if you aren’t experiencing any specific symptoms, we encourage you to schedule your annual skin exam today to safeguard your health and future.

Don’t skip your annual skin exam; book your appointment with Dr. Sherri Peace and her team at Westchester Dermatology today.

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